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of infinity and beyond

Updated: Feb 8

What lies for us beyond the curiosity that was Curious & Curious?

beyond was inspired by the infinite number series, Pi.

Pi is 62.8 trillion digits, super-computers are still trying to calculate beyond the last digit.

Pi was the initial idea for Jacob Mühlrad’s ay li lu, a multi-multi (country-choir*) commission, our largest one yet. ay li lu is an expression of eternity—the infinite number series melts into the lullaby until we lose the perception of time.

Beyond Mühlrad, the other musics teach us how to navigate grief and other things beyond our knowing or understanding. Or control.

We're so excited to be working with Leslie Tan (cello) on Jocelyn Morlock's Exaudi. I chose this work because (a) Jocelyn thinks this is her best piece, (b) a choir + cello piece would expand our experience of grief and loss in an otherworldly way (=bitonality here we come), and (c) crucially, there is the idea of moving towards light, in the wordless spaces between (or beyond) grief and loss.

More, later.


* The other choirs are: Vancouver Chamber Choir, Kari Turunen, Vancouver, Canada; Kamarikuoro Kampin Laulu, Saara Aittakumpu, Helsinki, Finland; and Vox Chamber Choir, Franco Prinsloo, Pretoria, S Africa.

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