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Curious & Curiouser

Updated: Feb 8

Two—no, three—years in gestation, the kaleidoscopic word painting born out of a walking-listening-singing practice will arrive on stage. Poetry in motion, Curious & Curiouser (the work) sets 17 haiku from John Steil's public art project as choral theatre: what can a choir do, with their voices, bodies, and score-filled folders?

In a concert for the eyes and ears—an origin story of sorts, of the curious choir with their curiouser conductor—we use y/our eyes to hear fast–slow, far–near, many–one, knots–clusters>>lines–straight–wavy. A forte turn of the page, the glissandi of folders, a staccato hop (or three).

Shh shh shh S shh. S shh shh SHH s. Soul sounds.

Overtones in the attic and undertow in the basement.

A fog lifts to reveal movement, shadows stretch into darkness.

Sound moves us, every which way, and then some.

We build worlds out of sound.

Less is more, over here. More is not enough, up there.

We musick in movement and sound. Come, hear.

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