Welcome to my web—a chapbook of sorts—poetic musings on life, the Music-verse, and living music with the SYC Ensemble Singers.


We've been wrestling with new music since the late 1980s, building a space for diverse and uncomfortable sounds, asking : 

  1. Can we really sound bad and be good?

  2. Is this even Music?


The short answer is YES.

This led to—

3. How do we count This? 5/8 7/8 11/4 

4. How do we sing That? And move? 

5. How do we keep Together? Do we try?

Longer answers to all of the above come in the form of workshops, lectures and webinars on curating new music (for your choir), and on learning how to perform new music. It's our rehearsal technique—Games Choirs Play—that enables a choir to sing anything, any time, anywhere. Ask!

These suggestions come from 30+ years of conducting youth and young-at-heart choirs, being on both sides of the jury table at international competitions and festivals, and putting together a regional symposium. 

In this life, I'm enabled by many people—family, friends, peers, students, teachers—and am indebted to Bert, with whom I share a love of small cobblestoned towns, and two cats, Max Headroom (1996-2008) and Henry.

Watch :  The Art of Jennifer Tham (life after the Cultural Medallion 2012)