Welcome to my blog—musings on life, the Music-verse, and Round Things. 

I'm best known as the conductor of the SYC Ensemble Singers (Singapore). This choir—the SYC—has been part of my life for close to 40 years; a theatre of voices where we are curious of all the things music can be, exploring every notable nuance and weird wail, understanding that "different" does not equal "bad". We live and breathe new music, exciting the composer in me. 


This attitude of curiosity, of playing and trying things out, is something I bring everywhere people invite me to go—"can we really sound bad and be good?", "is this really music, all these go-nowhere sounds?", "are warm-ups really necessary?", "does count-singing really work?". (The answer is yes, to all of the above.) 

I have had almost 30 years of excitement conducting youth choirs of all levels, being on jury at international festivals, putting together a regional symposium, teaching young conductors, and sharing my love of ensemble and musicianship games as rehearsal technique in workshops around the world. 

I have been enabled by so many people—family, friends, peers, students, teachers—but am indebted to Bert, with whom I share my life, and two cats, Max Headroom (1996-2008) and Henry. 

Link to my conducting CV here, and a teaching resume here.

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