Welcome to my web—a pandemic-produced blog on living music with choirs, a poetic space with chapters on life in the Music-verse, a curio box of rehearsal tricks. 


​What I love most about being the Artistic Director/Conductor of the SYC Ensemble Singers? Wrestling with new music, familiar-yet-foreign, asking : 

  1. Can we really sound bad and be good?

  2. Are warm-ups really necessary?

  3. Does count-singing really work?

  4. Is this really music?

The short answer is YES.


Longer answers and How-to tips come from 30 years of conducting youth choirs, being on jury at international festivals, putting together a regional symposium, teaching young conductors, and sharing my love of musicianship games in workshops around the world. 

In this life, I'm enabled by many people—family, friends, peers, students, teachers—and am indebted to Bert, with whom I share a love of small cobblestoned towns, and two cats, Max Headroom (1996-2008) and Henry.


PS: Looking for a proper bio and CV