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October 3, 2020

Isolation Day 3

W32, Vancouver

Just back from a long-short trip back to Singapore, to be with family, friends and SYC. 

Where did September go? 

Soupy meals with Pa Tham

Dim sum with Mummy Yeo

Small artist book published (thanks, Em!)

Lots of lab time with the SYC 

(blog posts akan datang)

View from the W23jpg

August 21, 2020

Still the same old-new SHN

Barker Road, Singapore

Six weeks back. 

Curious & Curiouser has begun. 

SYC got to meet and greet,

to move and fold.

Life is sweet(er). 

Even for masked singers-to-be. 

SYC & Me - Curious in the Recital Studio

August 3, 2020

The old-new SHN

Barker Road, Singapore

Four weeks back.

A dozen things to do, small and not so.

Twenty-eight singers, choir-in-waiting.

35 listening assignments to mark, A-/B+ and so-so.

One webinar for Africa Cantat, now in the making.


That's life, interrupted.

Crow sound spectrum interrupted.jpg

July 29, 2020

WVCF2020, 27 - 31 July

Bandung Choral Society, Indonesia

This week I get to do some of my favourite things, with some of my favourite people:

judging at the World Virtual Choir Festival, with Tommy, Jojo, Susanna, Michael JB and Pak Daud, and giving a workshop on (Zoom) Rehearsal Technique... 

Together really is better. 

WVCF Workshop Zoom Screen.jpg

July 19, 2020

Day 9, Stay-Home-Notice

Marina Bay Sands Rm2971, Singapore


Back in town for what's left of the summer. 

A summer with things to do, virtually;

and nowhere to go.

In October, we go back to Vancouver, to finish an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies started in Fall 2018. There are things to be done, that cannot be done virtually.


In the meantime, all we can do is wait

Nice view, eh?

Singapore skyline - looking west, from MBS2971
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