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10 August, 2022

Curious & Curiouser 

SYC rehearsal, ERS

Adventures in White, hearing and seeing, coming our way.

This is one privileged umbrella girl,

with her watercolour choir.

SYC C&C Rehearsal 10 Aug 2022.jpg

Paparazzi: Chong Wai Lun

4 August, 2022

SMUAF2022 re:site 

Act 3, North Plaza

My silent world

Adventures in signing sound,

brought to you by Lily Goh, Deaf poet,

SMU Chamber Choir, Voix and StageIt.


re–site Act 3 LG 4 Aug.heic

27 February, 2022

Rita Ueda, Hummingbird in Winter

BCCME Presents Breaking Barriers

World premiere on Youtube

Adventures in Chinese music,

with Hummingbird (liuqin),

Dragon (sheng/suona) and Phoenix (dizi)

of the BC Chinese Music Ensemble.


Needed to (a) get back into my suit, and

(b) turn into an octopus.

This is one privileged octopus, conducting

Hummingbird in Winter

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 3.03.30 PM.png

3 February, 2022

BRIGHT MOON reading session

PSUC Hall, Vancouver

Adventures in Mandarin and Cantonese,

with the Vancouver Chamber Choir,

on music of the overseas Chinese.


This is one happy conductor.




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