• Jennifer Tham

In transit : the lovers, dreamers, and me

Updated: Jul 19

Ferry line-ups.

Ordering the randomness of

different desires.

—John Steil, 100 Red Haiku Tags

I've always been a day-dreamer (ask any of my primary school teachers), which might explain why I'm drawn to haiku—they leave space for reverie, I imagine.

Imagine my pleasure at finding haiku tagged on to the power poles while walking (meadering really) to the SFU 611 studios from the Woodwards campus. It felt like finding secret treasure, this guerilla art that gave me a way to feel comfortable with being in transit (in life, in Vancouver), learning how to be a student again.

The haiku are of Vancouver urban and wild-life, with thoughts ranging from prosaic to profound. Here's the tag that reminded me that we are all on our way somewhere, coming from somewhere else :

100 Red Haiku Tags #54

Isn't this what a choir is? An orderly bunch of different dreamers in line, waiting to be transported across, to an Other side.

Well here we are, all of us in transit, looking for that rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers, and me. Join us, won't you?