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Wanderlust : adventures in space

Updated: Feb 8

Going for a walk nowadays feels like a space mission :

A bottle of red wine, Felicette - named after the first cat in space.
Félicette, a red dedicated to adventurous souls

Face shield? Mask? Check.

Hand sanitiser? Check.

Space suit? We wish.

I wish we could wander, off-radar, footloose in urban space.

Instead we walk as the crow flies—

shortest distance between two points, no meandering allowed.

I've always been a wayfarer, slowing down to read the writing on the wall, to Hipsta-frame the round things at our feet. Stop-look-see, upside-down-sideways.

Look at that straight line running left-to-right through the middle of the graph :

The sound spectrum of a murder of crows recorded at CRAB Park, Vancouver.
Sound spectrum - Crows of CRAB Park

That's not me. I'm all the other ones, peaking above and below.

That's how we—Bert and me—came to be at CRAB Park (Vancouver) recording crows.

Wayfaring; singing the song of landscape poets—miles of irregular verse punctuated with pausa, ossia and extensive foot-notes. Concrete poetry, if you pave.

I miss these walking adventures : the wonder of wander. The joy of discovering another of John's haiku tags (see earlier post), each a hidden room, a forgotten land, a secret planet to explore.

Nowadays, these are the planets seen on our board walks :

Graffiti boards along W Cordova St, Gastown
"Graffiti" boards, Gastown

Writing is my new normal for walking; wanderlust momentarily satisfied by words in absolute rhythm*, in the textured soundscapes of this blog :

Catchy title? Check.

Unique content? Check.

Poetic space? Getting there.


Ezra Pound, American poet, on the "absolute rhythm" in poetry :

Rhythm. - I believe in an 'absolute rhythm', a rhythm, that is, in poetry which corresponds exactly to the emotion or shade of emotion to be expressed. A man's rhythm must be interpretative, it will be, therefore, in the end, his own, uncounterfeiting, uncounterfeitable.

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