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You will 2024

Updated: Feb 8

You will start writing.

You will acknowledge that Henry has returned to the stars;

skin and bones turned into something beautiful.

Henry "the Siberian" Yeo, 27 Feb 2008 – 10 May 2023

You will venture into the Yellow _______

be curious, and shed the dragon scales.

You will find words.

You will remember that Pa—a multi-hyphenate* with the Mona Lisa smile—

is t/here in the ether of Dragonvale, in the line of a breakfast buffet, possibly in Vegas.

*Husband–father–grandfather–uncle–teacher–teacher-of-teachers–builder of things (cupboards&computers)–green thumb (orchids&fruits)–cook (siuyuk&chickenalaking)–chauffeur (school&guides)–competitive Dragon-breeder–(to be continued) ... –mostly Pa liked to take care of things and see them grow—thank you Pa.

"Pa" Tham Tuck Onn, 4 Aug 1931 – 25 Oct 2023

You will venture above the clouds————

be curious; and wait for the words.

You will 2024.


You will ... is an Ode to Ogunbiyi—visual artist based in Lagos, Nigeria—who titles her drawings / paintings / installations / sculptures starting with "You will ...", a call for us to play, to imagine, to heal, to act, to compose, to connect. We encountered her work at the Tinguely Museum in Basel, 8 December 2023.

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