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Updated: Feb 8

Before flowers the world was grey.

Flowers appeared and invented Love.

Fruits flowered and powered a new World—

warm-blooded, mammalian, lusting, loving,

producing, writing, musing, creating (us).*


Emily Dickinson

Bloom—is Result—to meet a Flower

And casually glance

Would cause one scarcely to suspect

The minor Circumstance

Assisting in the Bright Affair

So intricately done

Then offered as a Butterfly

To the Meridien—

To pack the Bud—oppose the Worm—

Obtain its right of Dew—

Adjust the Heat—elude the Wind—

Escape the prowling Bee

Great Nature not to disappoint

Awaiting Her that Day—

To be a Flower, is profound


All those em-dashes, active, activating in a continuous future-making way. The poem is redolent with the smell of survival—the flower magnified as a ravished ravishing system of aliveness—the art of interconnected resilience in bloom—


Pandemic fruits flower, powering a new Music—

warm-blooded, mammalian, lusting, loving,

keening, singing, musing, making (SYC).

How does our garden grow?

With Macmillan and Hildegard on grief and transcendence

Sandström and Rosner on the Love of Loves

Quiet—contrarily—with Banks and Nick Kelly

on blossoming an inner sense of Self

Antognini and Zech Goh on the happiness of Being

while Americ Goh grows something new—

Music for a flowering pSYChe. BLOOM.


* My tl;dr version of the marginalian's musings on the evolution of life on earth and the birth of ecology.

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